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Bite Guards

Grinding or an awkward bite can lead to tooth wear and breakage, which contributes to altering a person’s bite (occlusion). This, in turn, can result in TMJ disorder, which causes nagging to debilitating symptoms. It is important to stop bruxism so that the teeth and bite remain in good health. If teeth are repaired, but grinding still occurs, new dental work will become worn and broken.

How Can We Help?

Dr. White can recommend an oral appliance to prevent teeth grinding and clenching. This appliance is known by different names; either a night guard, or a bite guard.

Many people experience bruxism while sleeping, and, thus, the appliance may be referred to as a night guard. Many varieties of guards are available, and daytime appliances may also be necessary.

Dr. White will assess your tooth wear, recommend an appliance to eliminate grinding, then may also recommend to rebuild the compromised teeth to restore your bite to the optimal position.

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